Infrared Heating Panels

Just as the rays from the Sun travel great distances through the cold of space to heat our world infrared radiant heat panels unlock the heat in our environment. No other heating method can give such instant, clean and green heat: can be up to 70% cheaper than Oil or LPG central heating systems.

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We are based in Ayrshire, Scotland and fully believe that nature has a more efficient way of doing things. Infrared Radiant Heat Panels mimic the way in which the Sun heats our environment. Using harmless, clean, healthy and incredibly economical electromagnetic waves, that lie just under the visible range of light; Infrared Radiant Heat Panels cleanly and greenly bring us instant, controllable heat at a fraction of the cost of traditional, inefficient and dirty fossil fuel based heating systems. Read more about how infrared heating works and how radiant heat can save you on your utility bills.

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